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nightmare come true. here comes elizabeth warren on the banking committee. this is about to get interesting. you're watchinging "politicsnation" on msnbc. >> this isn't good. friends of mitt romney are saying that he's bored now. that he's no longer running for president. though not as bored as the rest of us were when he was running for president. i always wait until the last minute. can i still ship a gift in time for christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. but they have to use special care in keeping the denture clean. dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident is designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains, cleaning in a better way than brushing with toothpaste. that's why i recommend using polident. [ male announcer ] polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. >>> have
a massive win for progressives and elizabeth warren. >>> then senator debbi stabenow of michigan on the latest in the fight to end republican obstruction. and the people creating petitions on the white house website are getting more and more creative. we'll tell you what the new petition to build a death star. >>> good to have you with us. thanks for watching. democrats are determined to extend the middle class tax cuts before the end of the year. that's the bottom line. party leaders and members are all on the same page. president obama rejected the latest proposal from john boehner. the president and the democrats are focused on revenue and they are determined to make sure that the top tax rates go up. >> unfortunately, the speaker's proposal right now is still out of balance. he talks, for example, about $800 billion worth of revenues, but he says he's going to do that by lowering rates. when you look at the math, it doesn't work. >> harry reid wasted no time explaining why the boehner proposal is not serious. >> math. you can't get from here to there unless you raise the rate
you're going to argue the other side but there's a better one. senator elizabeth warren may be the most left senator we have had in decades. she's become an anti-tax supply sider. you know why? there are over 400 medical device companies in massachusetts. 400 of them. and she, therefore, doesn't want to tax them one bit. now, my question to her and to you is why don't you apply the exact same logic, high taxes, job killers, to the rest of the economy, including obama care tax hikes and including fiscal cliff tax hikes. where's the largic of this position or is it just hypocritical sweetheart deal stuff? >> i don't agree it's a tax killer. the taxes are put into place that the sectors of health care benefit reform, insurers, hospital, medical device companies hoar going to see gain when you have 30 million americans going into the health care system that they also help keep the law sustainable. >> but, wait, i don't understand. we're talking about taxes. come back to the main point. the main point is why are these 18 democrats suddenly opposed to a job killing tax, particular
on and off. welcome back w. >> after the break, financial companies take heed. elizabeth warren heading to capitol hill and possibly back to her role as a financial watchdog. we will discuss warren's home coming and wall street's relationship with washington next on "now." [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. yofor giving the perfect gift?le just have a knack 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am they put real thought into it. and find just... the right...thing. how do they do that? more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. pick up a ridgid jobmax multi-tool starter kit and get a free head attachment. >>> head's up to wall street bankers. nemesis massachusetts senator elect elizabeth warren is likely to get a seat on the senate banking committee. the street had hoped that wouldn't happen. during the past year, the securities and investments industry contributed $3 mi
. tyler? >> we are hearing word that potentially new senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts may join the senate banking committee. have you heard that? what does that mean? >> we have heard that. we have been able to confirm that independently. and it is something that the wall street lobby here in washington was expecting to see. they thought that elizabeth warren would angle into and be able to get it under harry reid. i think the question now from what kind of senator does elizabeth warren become? a lot of folks here think she will try to broaden her mandate a little bit outside of the wall street bailiwick and try to do something a little bit more mainstream with a little bit more broad appeal, a la hillary clinton in her first couple of months up here on capitol hill. they don't expect her to focus entire loin the consumer financial protection bureau, for example. they think she would like a larger beach head on capitol hill and i think that is where this is going. >> thank you very much. take it down to sue at the nyse. >> i have kenny poll carry, independent trader at the nyse
picks were -- one was predictable, one was a little unpredictable. >> i picked elizabeth warren who is my home state's new senator. she has senator kennedy's seat so it's important to me. i think she's probably the most high-profile freshman senator. >> without a doubt, probably since hillary clinton? >> i think you're right. and she's coming in the same way, keeping her head down, looking for people to work with, reach across the aisle, moderating. i don't know, i don't want to guess, but i know there are some great things she can accomplish there. potentially, it's rumored she could be on the senate banking committee, her area of expertise. this will be interesting to watch. >> she's going to butt heads with democrats. that's going to be interesting. and your other pick? >> paul ryan. you know, obviously, as a democrat, it's somebody i have been watching for a long time. mitt romney's running mate. i think he came out of this race with a good reputation. and i think that, you know, he has a lot of opportunities this year. he's known as a reformer in the party. the republican party
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election in that state to replace him. now, elizabeth warren just beat the pants off incumbent senator scott brown in this past election, but now elizabeth warren is already in the senate. this is the other senate seat for massachusetts. today elizabeth warren was celebrating her confirmed seat on the senate banking committee. but meanwhile, scott brown just gave his farewell address and in his farewell address he said in the senate that he would very much like to come back. he told senators in his farewell address, "victory and defeat is temporary." that's how he said it. i would correct it if it was somebody else sighing it but it was him. victory and defeat is temporary. depending on what happens and where we go, all of us, we may obviously meet again." probably not, sir. you just got beat by seven points in a campaign where your main line of attack was attacking elizabeth warren for having native american ancestry. oh, also the bit about you making up stories about meeting with kings and queens. yeah, and then you lost. as an incumbent. by a lot. but still, you never know. has the
republican senator. he is polling below 50 and when he was running against elizabeth warren who started off not so well-known throughout the sate. i'm looking at nothing prohibitive and nothing he can't make up. it is more of a challenge for scott brown to push up. >> he had his rise and fall. he he lost by over five points. there was a lot of buzz. but i think the bloom is off that rose. congressman marquise is looking again and it is a tradition for massachusetts to provide the strongest liberal leadership in the country. the 7th district which you know well is the most liberal district is saying something. and then the index which looks at idealology is a 29 point gap. you have a lot of people in the house and you look at the fights and the republican party who are pulling the senate to the right even after they lose races i think it would be good for the senate to have a liberal in there. the guy he who i don't think anyone would beat is governor patrick. i think he would be the guy who could run away wit. but he said that back in november. i assume he is going to stick to that. but, yo
ran. so go ahead. >> elizabeth warren? >> all right. elizabeth warning. weren. warren is going to be the rising star to finish that business or at least, at least keep it in the public eye at a time when the economy is picking up and we need to have an accounting. a reckoning in. my money is on elizabeth warren. >> so no one sees a rising republican star? >> i do think marko rubio and chris christie are going to be very prevalent voices in the conversation about what the republican party is going to do next. and i think christie to your point earlier, richard, really day himself a lot of favors by showing that bipartisan side. that's where the republican party needs to go if they're going to be relevant in the next four years. i would say those two are going to be important, continuing, rising stars. >> so on the republican side, you'd say christie-rubio. >> i think rubio is very talented, but there's other rising latino stars within the republican party that can block him out. he's going to have to watch his back. >> i don't know about whether this person should be considered
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. > > thanks angie. newly-elected massachusettes senator elizabeth warren will reportedly take a seat on the senate banking committee. the huffington post reports warren has been selected to join the committee starting next year. warren, a major advocate of wall street regulation and cracking down on big banks, won the race for senator in massachusettes in the november election. she also helped launch the consumer financial protection bureau in 2010. two seats will be open on the banking committee after the year wraps up. 2012 is turning into a very profitable year for banks. the latest numbers show bank profits increased 9.4% in the 3rd quarter - the most in any quarter during the past 6 years. fdic reports the industry earned $37.6 billion, up 6.6% from last year. loan balances edged up .9% to $64 billion. the improving numbers are viewed as a sign banks are gaining strenghth and lending is showing signs of life. after the craziness of black friday, or more accurately what is becoming a "black weekend" of shopping following thanksgiving, retailers face a lull. trying to keep consume
's official: well-known consumer watcher elizabeth warren will serve on the senate banking committee. and it's up and up for adobe. shares of adobe traded higher after hours by 4% after the company reported earings that topped expectations. there's the sound of the bell. mark sebastian of option pit mentoring and consulting joins us on this friday. good to see you on the show today. > > good morning. > what will the friday trade look like? > > you know, i've been watching a couple of things: gold got obliterated yesterday, i think on technical selling. it's interesting, if you look at this last quarter, everything that people made money on in the first nine months of the year - first three quarters - is getting absolutely torched: gold, apple, commodities. why? i think there is some profit- taking for tax planning purposes ahead of what could be this fiscal cliff. > there has been a lot of talk surrounding best buy and going private. is this stock a buy at current levels? > > if schulze can get the deal done, it is a buy at current levels. if he can, absolutely not. best buys entire market i
, hey banks we have to put elizabeth warren, but don't worry, we're going to give you mansion who will vote for you no matter what. he's a democratic theoretically but votes with republicans a lot. one last thing about votes, john kerry out there making an impassed plea for disability rights backed up by bob dole. >> this treaty and our participation in it, and this is the most important can improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, because to join it is to keep faith with the men and women who have suffered griefous disability in defense of our nation and we owe them nothing less. please don't let captain brizenski down, senator dole down, the senate and the country down. approve that treat. >> i. >> senator dole gravely ill comes in in a wheelchair. >> it didn't pass, john kerry called it the saddest day he remembers in his 28 year career as a senator. >> bob dole in a wheelchair, zero sympathy. >> it's really a shame. they say it was a challenge to sovereignty, it was a terrible, terrible vote. >> cenk: thank you michael. >> when we come back, we've got 100,000
senator elected elizabeth warren back in your t.a.r.p. days? >> i love hearing those words from senator alike to elizabeth warren. the head of another oversight created in the same bill that created t.a.r.p., the congressional oversight panel. she was the chair of that panel. we had parallel relationships. my focus was different because i was inside the treasury department. i have access to all that information. access, and all of their privileges and had a law enforcement function. we were in executive-branch agency. there were a creature of congress and did broader policy tight oversight. she brought her academic credentials, and that type of analysis. so we worked together. we did on joint projects together, and i get to know her. it was one of the most delightful things are going to washington the, i write about some of the lens is i had. we would compare notes about the different frustrations that we had. but i found her to be one of the most principled, admiral people and i get to meet in washington, and i just have nuys respect for her. one of the incidents to talk about in the b
scott brown who lost his seat to elizabeth warren in the november elections. >>> thank you so much for watching "state of the union." have a safe holiday season. i'm candy crowley in washington. head to for extras. for all of us at state of the union, again, we want to wish you a merry christmas and happy holiday season. fareed zakaria "gps" is next for our viewers here in the united states. >>> this is "gps" the global public square. welcome to all of you in the united states and around the world. i'm fareed zakaria. on the show today, we'll move past the fiscal cliff and talk about the real challenges to the economy. i will talk to the chief economic adviser of the romney campaign and president obama's former budget czar peter orzack, among others. >>> also, let me tell you about the biggest success story in latin america. it's not brazil. much closer to home. then, as the world watches the arab world struggle with democracy, we'll take a look at the problem from an unusual perspective, upside down. how does a country turn away from democracy as eastern europe did 50
biden, hillary clinton, senator bennett, senator brown, elizabeth warren, and king. we have governor nicky haley, hark corubio, paul ryan, pence, jeb bush and jim demint. joining >> stewe ask all of you, first all hello. >> hello. >> happy new year. we ask all of you to pick. i threw out my dozen. i asked you to pick two you will keep an extra eye on. we continue do the 2016 conversation now, but we'll do it in a few minutes. >> of my dozen which two jumped out to you. >> i'm a little nerdy, so i picked michael bennett, the colorado senator, because he's the new head of the democratic senatorial campaign committee, so he's tasked with trying to again to keep a democratic senate majority. >> he wants to be senate majority leader some day. >> they asked him two years ago. he said no he said yes this time. >> you also put mike pence up there. why mike pence? >> he spent time in congress, now the governor of indiana a guy who we underrate in terms of his influence. we've seen in places like ohio, florida, wisconsin, how governors can have influence on the conversation. pence is a conserv
hayes, who will that be? >> massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, i think it is not an easy thing to do what she did. you know, she was a star on this network and among progressives, but to go on particularly in massachusetts, i think she will be absolutely a force in massachusetts. >> it pains me to say it, but this is going to be the year when corey booker, he is either going to run for governor -- >> krystal, the rising star. >> the youngest woman in the house, also the first hindu-american woman in congress, combat veteran, really an amazing woman. >> alex, the rising star? >> i asked you to go with chris first because i thought it would provide me cover. i was going to say elizabeth warren, and it is true, i'll tell you why -- >> do you want to give up going first next time -- okay you will go first next time. i will agree with alex wagner, not chris hayes. alex wagner, we'll be back with more of "the last word" holiday party. stay with us. you know that little 50-pound thingy at the doctor's office when they weigh you, and they have to move it over? my doctor does not have t
picks were -- one was predictable. one to me was unpredictable. >> i picked elizabeth warren who is my home state new senator and of course senator kennedy's seat and very important to me. i think she is probably the most high profile freshman senator -- >> without a doubt. >> without a doubt. >> probably since hillary clinton. right? >> probably. yes. i think you're right. and i think she is coming in the same way. keeping her head down. looking for more people to work with. reach across the aisle. moderating. >> steppingstone for her? >> i don't know. i don't want to guess but i know that there are some great things that she can accomplish there. potentially rumored on the senate banking committee. been a consumer watchdog. this is interesting to watch. >> and butting heads with democrats. that's interesting. your other pick? >> paul ryan. >> yeah. >> obviously, as a democrat, somebody i'm watching for a long time. i think he came out of this race with a good reputation. and i think that, you know, he has a lot of opportunity this year. he's known as a reformer in the party. the repu
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? >> no question about it, they need to find somebody. one of the reasons elizabeth warren did so well is because people were passionate about her. 2 machine only comes out if people are really truly excited about a candidate. and they were about warren from the get-go. if they don't feel that way, especially in the special election when voter turnout is going to be low, anyway, it's going to be scott brown's to lose. >> and lastly, i'll just ask you, what is the level of disappointment that ben affleck is not going to run in the state of massachusetts or the commonwealth of massachusetts? >> i knew that one was coming. well, hey, you know, we were all surprised. we either heard jones that he was going to run and suddenly people were taking it seriously and he posted on his facebook page a rather serious posting that said, you know, i'm not going to do it but i'm ownered and thank you. i think there's a little bit of disappointment. certainly he would have had that star quality. but we'll move on to the next guy. >> yeah. i think that would have probably been the two best looking guys in the hist
to be the year that wall street lurns to love elizabeth warren. since she's been appointed to the senate banking committee says they think they can work with elizabeth warren. part of the reason is she's going to sit all the way down here as one of the least senior members of the senate banking committee and also because they say they think that warren is going to want to take a much broader approach as a united states senator than just focusing on wall street or consumer issues. immigration reform is coming here to capitol hill and the battle is going to be what's in the final bill, and particularly what's the path to citizenship forexisting undocumented workers here and the penalties for employers who have hired them. all of wall street will be watching a new relationship between key players at the house financial services committee. gone is mr. backer. we're going to have jed hensarling here. over here with barney frank used to sit as a top democrat, instead we're going to have maxine waters. they expect to see maxine waters and jeb hensarling trying to find om some area of agreement that the
to elizabeth warren, should he choose to run for special election, try to repeat in 2010 to be able to catch democrats by surprise, that could be his seat. but he may not run. there are lot 6 different things at play, he has options down the line, always run for governor at some point. if he doesn't run, then the republicans will sort of start to step up. >> ifill: interesting that elizabeth warren is about to be senior senator from massachusetts before she's sworn in. also tomorrow mows falling in the house, there are three members, massachusetts members who are eyeing this seat. >> absolutely. there are three members, some of whom have been there nor decades and have been eyeing this senate seat have been looking at this one for a long time. it would be very interesting if all three of them ran in the special election, but that's not necessarily a good thing for democrats. divided primary would be expensive, probably damaging in the long run especially if they're going up against scott brown and the general election. >> ifill: who are they? >> you have edward markey, steven lynch. >> i
us now. anna, so you got 13 for '13. tim scott, corey booker, elizabeth warren. do you have a couple in mind that stand out and should be paying attention to next year? >> absolutely. some of the names you might have heard of. paul ryan, for instance. but there's also names i think are particularly interesting on this state level right now that have some real national potential appeal. particularly juan who is the san antonio mayor, he has been talked about as a potential national figure and has also potentially could be really elevated with a 2014 memory coming out and camilla harris, the attorney general out of california. she has some big aspirations people tell us and the democratic operatives with the eye on her noted she could be a potential eric holder, attorney general or a national political figure. >> well, you mentioned a look at the states and put my nominee in there. i have to mention it. i love when the old folks manage to stay relevant. i think this is a great story out of california. jerry brown. age 74. he's been in politics for like 50 years. his father was the gove
to fill his seat. scott brown lost his race to elizabeth warren. >> during his farewell speech yestarerday yesterday. >> victory and defeat is temporary. >> depending on what happens and where we go, all of us may meet again. >> after learning about ambassador rice's withdraw the party tweeted bring it on hash tag massachusetts senates. the democrats got cute when john kerry was running for senate. they created this thing where you have to have an erosion. and then 150 days or somewhere you have this election. and so, it looks like the democrats feel confident enough that they can hold on to the seat. >> oops. here comes scott brown again. i think this is so irritating. you have the republican members of the senate deciding who the next secretary of state is. rather than admitting who the call is. you know washington is that senators prefer other senators and they would rather have a sweet deal. democrats say they are confident they can win another special election. but the whole thing smells. >> the last time i heard a confirmation hearing. >> he is the chairman of the committee that conf
special election to fill senator ted kennedy's old seat, but lost re-election in november to elizabeth warren. many said senator kerry was breeze through nomination as secretary of state. but he may face tough questions about his past support of syrian president bashar al assad. rob and paula? >> abc's tahman bradley live in washington. thanks, tahman. >>> and the administration's asia team is reported to have been so surprised by north korea's rocket launch this week, several of them were at a holiday party when it happened. a blog on the foreign policy website reports they were joking it was nice of the north koreans to delay the launch so the party wouldn't be interrupted. the state department, however, denies that they were caught off guard. >>> the governors of new york, new jersey and connecticut, are urging congress to approve a $60 billion aid package for victims of superstorm sandy before they break for the holidays. nearly seven weeks, now, after the storm, many flooded-out residents are waiting for funds to repair their homes. more than 100 ceos are also calling on lawmakers
're a veteran. so go ahead. e liz bit warren. the housing market, elizabeth warren is going to be the rising star to ficnish that business o at least keep it in the pub like eye at a full-time when thetime is going to pick up. >> so no one sees a rising republican star? >> i thought about mentioning -- i do think marko rubio and chris christie are are going to be prevalent voices. is and i think christie did a lot for his side. i would say those two are going to be important. >> so, in the republican side, you'd sigh christio or rubio? >> i think marko is going to be a lot of talent, but fthere are other stars that can block him out. >> i don't know if this person should be considered a rising star yet. but i do think he's interesting for what he could possibly do. and that's senator elect, i guess is what you call him, tim scott of south carolina. >> no, senator select. tim scott has to run for real in 2014. unlike herman cane, al nl keys, allen west, the defeated congressman from florida, tim scott is someone who's considered to be serious. so it would be interest g to watch how this serio
last month by elizabeth warren, appears to be the clear choice for republicans. a poll conducted before the selection of kerry found brown dominating the field. the wbur poll also shows the senator topping any democrat by eight points. brown is yet to say whether he plans to run in the special election. as for the democrats, it's only clear who's not running right now. ted kennedy jr. was floated as a possible contender, but he says he's not interested. kennedy said he was grateful for the offers of support, but he considers connecticut to be his home, leaving the door open for a potential future run in that state. and actor and director ben affleck isn't ready to leave hollywood. the "argo" star, who had showed interest in politics, confirms he doesn't want kerry's seat, saying "i love massachusetts and our political process, but i am not running for office." >>> former president george h.w. bush is in the intensive care unit at houston methodist hospital this morning after suffering from what doctors call a stubborn fever. the president has been hospitalized since thanksgiving for bro
, senator elect elizabeth warren one of wall street's harshest critics being tapped to serve on the banking committee. a final decision will not be made until the new congress convenes next month, but reports say the lobbyists say it's imminent. warren has been focal in her criticism of big banks and in the assumed role, she would oversee firms that she sparred with for years. remember, warren helped create the consumer financial protection bureau, all part of the dodd-frank reform law. many democrats hoped she would lead the agency, but senator republicans threaten to block her appointment. >>> a rare appearance by former senate majority leader bob dole on the senate floor was not enough to sway lawmakers yesterday. they voted town a u.n. treaty aimed at spreading equal rights for those with disabilities around the world. despite the endorsement, some others viewed it as a threat to american's sovereignty. kelly o'donnell has more on how the emotional vote unfolded on the senate floor. >> reporter: once a giant of the senate, visible in the corner of the c-span camera, though frail and rar
, what was your professional relationship with now senator elizabeth warren back in your t.a.r.p. days? >> yes, i love hearing those words. elizabeth looked was the head of another bill called congressional oversight panel. she was the chair of the panel. so we had parallel relationships. my focus was different because i was inside the treasury department. i have access to all that information. so we are an executive branch agency. congress sort of did a broader policy type oversight. she broader economic potential's we did some projects together, and i got to know her. it was very delightful going to washington and having this relationship. some of the lunches ahead with elizabeth, as i would prepare notes about the different frustrations that i had. i found her to be one of the most admirable people that i got to meet in washington. i does have the highest respect for her. when the incidents i talk about in the book is while she is pitching and advocating the financial protection bureau, it was no secret in washington that she was essentially campaigning to be its first director. it
to move heaven and earth. ♪ ♪ guts. glory. ram. so check out the web site. just google elizabeth warren. i think i want to write her a check plyself. i would really love to see her join the ranks of the united states senate and get rid of scott brown. 1-866-55-press. ♪ >> sorry if it seems forward, but i had to give that -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. . >> -- the test drive, and let me say, wow. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: thank you. thank you very much. i am a smooth drive. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. ed in houston you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi ed. >> caller: good morning, miss miller, and good morning to the guys. >> hello. >> good morning. >> caller: my question as i presented to t-bone was why don't we just go ahead and allow the trigger to fall into effect? why don't we say okay you guys don't want to make a deal fine. we'll go back to the clinton era, which will happen at the beginning of the year. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: and i mean also other people in the lower-income brackets will have to pay more,
-elect elizabeth warren also signed the letter saying, please, delay this thing. and stryker, that's a medical device company -- one of the biggest, actually -- they make hips. they're going to lay off a thousand people if and when this is imposed. alisyn: are there other surprises in obamacare that are now coming to light in terms of taxes and feesesome. >> yes. starting january the 1st, anybody who earns more than $200,000 a year will pay an extra .9% medicare tax. that hits on january the 1st. a little later, everybody who has a health insurance policy gets hit with a $63-per-year, per-person charge. that's going to hit 190 million people. that is a charge to pay for pre-existing conditions, because an insurance company has to accept people who have a pre-existing condition, gotta pay for it. that has to be paid for, there's a higher medicaid tax that's going to pay for that. and then you've got fines for all companies which don't give medical insurance to their employees. alisyn: if, in fact, these senators do prevail and they have the medical device tax somehow spiked, then we have a budg
, elizabeth warren has a new assignment. the massachusetts democrat has been appointed to the senate banking committee, giving her a platform to oversee banking regulations. many on wall street have criticized warren who has called for the break-up of the big banks. she's expected to fight republican efforts to water down financial reforms in the dodd-frank law. warren, a harvard law professor is the architect of the new financial consumer prekdz bureau, that news out yesterday, some citing it for a bit of a sell-off late in the market. >>> eu finance ministers give the ecb the green light to oversee more than 150 banks under new banking union plans. spain sees good demand at its final debt aukz of the year, but analysts warn the strong results may be due to the small amount of paper on offer. >>> and the fed takes a new step in its efforts to boost the economy, tying interest rates directly to the u.s. unemployment rate. >>> still to come on the show, the world's billionth international tourist will reportedly arrive some today. where are the world's top destinationes and how much are touri
senator, scott brown giving his farewell speech to his former colleagues in the senate. elizabeth warren beat him but may not have heard the last from this pin-up boy. he may have a seat if john kerry becomes secretary of state. massachusetts's rule states in the event of a senate vacancy, the governor may appoint an interim replacement. it is how scott brown won his seat in the first place. if senator john kerry is appointed secretary of state as he's expected to be, scott brown could seek to have history repeat itself. it's been a long time, not since warren christopher in 1997 since the u.s. had a white man as secretary of state. whether or not that matters, is next. rush is simply revolutionary. our unique brush head cleans in three directions with up to 50% more brush movements than leading sonic technology. oral-b power brushes. go to for the latest offers. oral-b power brushes. restore revive rejuvenate rebuild rebuild rebuild >>> minutes after the news broke that ambassador susan rice decided to stand down for secretary of state, reporters of the new york times were typ
the broadcaster that is they were making a tv show. so check out the web site. just google elizabeth warren. i think i want to write her a check plyself. i would really love to see her join the ranks of the united states senate and get rid of scott brown. 1-866-55-press. >> eliot: still to come, filmmaker josh fox on his latest short, occupy sandy, an account of selfless hurricane relief and those who provided it. but first rick santelli and bill o'reilly are angry and very angry. when it doesn't fit anywhere else, we put it in the viewfinder. >> ladies and gentlemen the fiscal cliff. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> it's my point rick. >> go to charlotte and say fairness, and then they run to try to beat the tax man which is-- >> i think he's doing his job. >> shame on them. >> no, he's doing his job. >> i don't want to talk about it any more. >> he's gone. >> no, fox news, you guys are too angry. >> i'm not angry governor. i'm a happy guy. i want our traditions to be respected. that's all. >> well, merry christmas. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> do not attempt to adjust your tv settings or smack the d
that a senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts is about to get a seat on the senate banking committee. it's not official yet but one aide says it is, quote, likely. this of couras
elizabeth warren that might be considered presidential. so i don't want to throw all our eggs in one basket because there are so many wonderful people. martin o'malley, for example, the governor of colorado. like the republicans, this will be a large field of candidates, but there's fo question if secretary of state hillary clinton decided to throw her gloves into the race, game on. >> she got a lot of competition. >> david frum, you think the republican party's going to have the strongest field it's had in maybe a generation? >> i thought 2008 was the strongest the republican party has had in a long time and where did it get us? i think what we're going to see now is a lot of recruitment from the governors. it was very similar to see paul ryan and marco rubio on that stage. very popular with the washington conservative elite. they struck some important themes. they didn't have real content, but some themes about broadening the base of the party. the republican party strength is in the states, always has been and i think one should keep an eye on republican governors and we should not be so
is tarnished because he lost to elizabeth warren. this is a far different cry from when he was elected against a weaker candidate. and number three scott brown if he runs again would have some tough opposition, either duval patrick or i spent a good deal of time saturday night with ed markey who would be a phenomenal candidate. ed told me he is seriously considering -- he came close to telling me he would run for senate if kerry gets the nomination. >> jennifer: breaking news! how do you like that! >> bill: i didn't announce it. i'm saying he's seriously considering it. i think he would an phenomenal candidate. >> jennifer: he would. i would say, i don't know him as well as i know duval patrick who is a great -- he would be fabulous too. it would be interesting to see because if there's a vacancy, i think duvall patrick has to appoint somebody like he did when ted kennedy obviously passed away. so does he appoint a placeholder? does he appoint markey? once you're a governor, you wonder whether somebody's interested
bit closer with the elizabeth, warren brown race. 63% to maybe about 43%. so all throughout these trumped up charges of her not being very bright and trustworthy, they always ep ended every sentence with but you know, senator kerry would be a, you know, confirmed without a hitch. so this is about his partisan as we have seen republicans. >> now, joan, the congresswoman raises the politics of it, which i want to raise. but it was very personal. a source close tells us this week that it has been vicious, says rice lawless who spoke on the condition of anonimty. there is a strain of sexism in these attacks. and when you look at them saying she's not very bright, look at her background. 2009 until now, u.s. ambassador to the u.n. 2004, foreign policy advisors to the john kerry campaign. 1993 to 2001 in the clinton administration. she's a road scholar. a ph.d. from oxford yumpbts. i mean, to say she's not bright is just absolutely outrageous. >> no, i mean, reverend al, the body language when they talked about her, lindsey graham say k i don't trust her. it's so personal. it's ve
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